For Once I Agree With Joe Buck

He's tired of all of this shit. I concur. I, too, used to like the game of the week on Saturdays on NBC, with Joe Garagiola and Tony Kubek. Before it was on, I'd catch This Week in Baseball w/ Mel Allen. I am trying to Youtube this shit, without much luck. There was no ESPN, then. The only idea I had about what players or stadiums looked like was from their baseball cards. When Saturday would roll around, that would be my glimpse into all of these other geographical areas, all of the other players, and uniforms and stadiums. I remember catching a Reds vs. Mets game when Seaver was going up against his old team. It was exciting. Now, there's too much of it. Sorry. Seeing a Nationals vs. Diamondbacks game on a Wednesday to me is a real yawn. Same with rock and roll. I used to have to find a copy of Circus magazine to see or learn about rock. Now, I've got Ben Gibbard and those pukes from Bloc Party practically bunking with me. No thanks. If I sound like an old grouch, that's ok. It's too much overkill at the moment. I did appreciate getting WGN on cable though. For the first part of the 1980s, to my memory, ESPN was pretty anemic.

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