First off, if he can unretire, maybe he should think of changing the goddamn spelling of his last name so it fits the pronunciation once and for all. I'm for the guy coming back. I have to subtract the drama from my mind. I have to parcel it out to Wall-E, to smash and discard. And then think. Sure. One more year. And next winter, save the candy-ass press conferences.

Some people think Ted Thompson is a moron. I only know that he looks an awful lot like David Byrne. Weird.

this is from Gene W: Thompson, the Packers' general manager, doesn't see it that way. His solution -- and remember, the Packers are the self-appointed guardians of Favre's football reputation -- is to announce that one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, the guy only seven months removed from the NFC Championship Game, can return but may be a second-stringer. Think about it: Favre wearing a baseball cap and holding a clipboard.

I think this is what Thompson "has" to say. And then, of course, Favre, will "win" his job back in camp. Thompson couldn't just say, yup, here's your job back. But his invitation is there, and with the invitation, I have to suspect, is the unspoken, "let me humble you for a while for being a drama queen, and then your old job is yours." Where else would Favre play? A cool scenario would be him getting traded to a team whose starting QB gets injured early in the '09 season. I'd bet San Diego. Favre would probably prefer New Orleans.

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