Existential Nightmare #4590

One of my nightmares is that one of my kids grows up, finishes college, and is very interested in a field (in this case TV) and gets a job working on the bottom rung of a (no doubt failing) show like this, where they continually get abused as they "learn the ropes," and the host's crummy opinions and self-loathing radiate deeply throughout the entire set. And my kid of course, is repeatedly convinced every day that they are "fucking lucky to be there." But secretly they are miserable, and I don't really have a ton of money, so they kind of have to just "keep at it" and "hope for the best" and go back to a small efficiency apartment and eat a depressing microwave meal and begin the business of preparing for tomorrow, while also ironing some quasi-business casual clothes that aren't the greatest, but are the best we could do after paying for college and all that stuff, and meanwhile some asshole from the show starts texting them about something else that went wrong and they don't have very many friends in the city (in this case I can only imagine L.A.) and the last thing they do before falling asleep is cry.

Fuck You Laura Ingraham.

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