Patriots vs. Colts

Who will win? Write some fan fiction about what you foresee. Steve Grogan coming in on a burro. Etc. Comments are on.
My prediction is New England 38-Indianapolis 17.


ktkingster said...

pats 42, colts 28

both colts players and fans won't even know what hit em

Kristen and Chadd said...
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Kristen and Chadd said...

How fucking screwed is Walter Payton in 1985? 2,000 all-purpose yards (1,500 of which are rushing yards) and the last honky to rush for a grand gets the nod as Offensive Player of the Year.

Thanks for all the help, Lombardi Committee—thanks Harry P. Grant and institutional racism—for propping up Craig James, the Antichrist, because God forbid we should vote for Toby, or let the damn Ojibwa spear fish.

Meanwhile, Marcus Allen gets the Player of the Year Award (n.b., again, nice Bud: Anne Ramsey, sleeping eyes wide open, could've picked Allen over Darrin Milo Nelson—ask yourself whether or not Marcus Allen would’ve made that catch in the 1987 NFC championship game, then revise your will); William Perry gets a touchdown on Super Bowl Sunday, his own G.I. Joe figure, and a full-function liver.

Jump in the time machine: Years pass. Nothing really happens until the Vikings draft Randy Moss, the most electric player in league history. Coincidentally, Draft Day 1998 coincides with Curly Lambeau’s complete decomposition. Sometimes Daunte Culpepper wanders around the Mall of America, trolling autograph hounds. You know, swing through Spencer Gifts, lunch at Hollywood. The works.

Quagmire this, Oakland that, a little Fruit-Fresh, and, voila: the Patriots “resurrect” Moss. Sure he's a front-runner; sure he sometimes drives over a meter maid at high noon on Nicollet Mall; sure he still hosts a fishing tourney in Minnetonka.

What's the dif?

The dif, kind soul, remains: Moss will let an Ojibwa grenade fish. Probably has the grenades.

New England Patriots: 56
Direct TV/Gatorade Colts: 17

hottvinegar said...

sorry, just getting the hang of posting these

Primitive Nerd said...

colts 3, pats 2