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tonight is the night that I turn loose on the rains of terror in your wickedly, morbid mind and announce the change that will slay your grandparents who are dead but furiously subjecting your l ife to tomorrow's pain...I have strape throat so in my absense this summer the bizkit will be dropping a new singer on your wounds: Scott Savol.

I know some of you might dream that this is a corporate monolithic seagull saying "How-diz-ee-doo Dee" but y ou're wrong again ....FRED.

In my time off I have been trying to comprehend the twisted artistic werks of MC Escher. no he ain't a rapper. his art would melt your brain. I will let you know when you are ready to swallow it....FRED

My solo record, which Amerika can't absorb in their brains, is going to be called Sexual Still Life. I'm going to bring it back to the time when things were real. like when tommy shaw and dennis deyoung had a rift over japanese iconography versus metal. their tears were solid, like concrete feelings. can u understand? ..FRED

Did you know Flakin rhymes with Bacon? I feel sometimes like an ancient mariner trapped in a whirlpool of neut ered spleens. that i have knowledge that God doesn't necessarily think I should possess. Some more footage of me with international candy stripers may appear on internet sites. I am not proud, yet, I applaud the stealing of my genitals in motion. technolo gy can't be stopped...FRED

Sometimes I feel like no one is listening...FRED

How could Angelina choose Brad Pitt over me?...FRED

Did you know the moussy chick on WKRP in Cincinnati? Do you think she is too old to conceive a Durst? I saw some TV Land last night. Off the chain. You probably can't appreciate reruns like I do. I plasma the shit out of them. Drift with visions of Bailey. Pleasure myself. Out...FRED

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